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Morgan County Board of Education Adopt DEI Policy

Superintendent of Schools, Kristen Tuttle, with Phoebe Hogbin, Garrett Oursler, and Evie Caperton.

On behalf of the MoCo Interact Club and Positive Partners, thank you for allowing club president, Evie Caperton, to present their proposed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement at last night’s Board of Education meeting. We are excited for the board’s unanimous acceptance of the DEI statement for Morgan County Schools!  The initiatives of this team of teens and the collaboration from our administration provided them with skill-building and resolution-seeking experience they will treasure.  I am so proud of their hard work and hearts for building caring communities with positive actions!

Statement Adopted by Morgan County Board of Education

May 25, 2021
Developed by BSHS Interact Club/Positive Partners
World Affairs Seminar Initiatives

Our objective is to provide opportunities to educate ourselves and those around us in order to move past cultural and racial barriers wherever they may exist in our school and community so that together we may generate a more non-discriminatory and expanded understanding of racial and cultural DIVERSITY, EQUALITY, and INCLUSION.  By providing exposure to diverse educational resources and perspectives, students will be equipped to build positive values today and to make educated choices that will improve academic achievement and caring communities for tomorrow.  Morgan County Schools are committed to the principles and practices of education that recognize cultural diversity as an essential ingredient to the success of a representative democracy and to the fulfillment of the school system’s mission to provide a quality education for “Every Child, Every Day.”